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IMG_7125 Sierra Mile Walkers with Mushro

The Sierra Mile (Mile 21 South)

Sierra Race Walkers are the proud stewards of Mile 21 South on the American River Parkway. Our mile is about half a mile downstream from the Fish Hatchery at Hazel Avenue (near Highway 50).

IMG_1885 Before with Nasty Trash.jpg

Help With the Next Cleanup

Dress in light layers so you can adjust as the day warms up. Be sure everything you're wearing can be washed in hot soapy water when you get home. You'll need to bring work gloves and your own drinking water. We will provide the garbage bags. We'll go rain or shine (unless the weather is outright dangerous). 

Send us an email to find out the next cleanup date.

IMG_1887 After with No Trash.jpg

From our first cleanup in 2003, Sierra Race Walkers and friends contributed more than a thousand hours of effort to pull TONS of trash from our mile. And ours is one of the cleaner miles!

As Mile Stewards, we have committed to volunteer at least 80 hours per year. We need your help!

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